For more insight on how I can help you,.. ..look over my new website which I put together. I don't start from scratch. Nobody does. I do glean from the vast pool of data in cyberspace. If you are interested, check out my source here. This is Halcyonic, a free site template by AJ for HTML5 UP. It's responsive, built on HTML5 + CSS3, and includes 5 unique page layouts. The secret is how to adapt it for your own uses. Look around to see how I can help you.; Thanks.

Computer Problems?

The icon above is one of the nastiest around. It blocks you from the internet and many critical programs. I can help you fix that beast and other more everyday problems. But I don't stop there. I build and . manage websites, with help from the mind-numbing pool of information on the internet.

My latest challenge.

Tiling an old bathroom floor..a challenge. Figuring out how to install a ceramic tile floor in a small uneven space in a bathroom took some reaearch. Answer: small tiles, slmost mosaic, flexible grout and small sections at a time. Biggest problem was plumbing connections.


I work on an hourly basis, do not charge for travel or markup on parts. I have many parts on hand for common problems. Sometimes it is easier to repair a widget than replace it, and less costly. Started my business in New Jersey, just moved here recently where I grew up. My list of recent jobs is located on this page below eu varius nibh. Suspendisse vitae magna eget odio amet mollis.


A summary

My name is Ed Hughes. My mother was a Willey. A couple of my nephews tell me we go back eight generations in this part of the world.

I Fix Things

Typical Jobs

  • Dishwasher door wouldn't shut
  • Toilet tank float ran constantly
  • Kitchen drawer didn't pull right
  • 3-way switch quit working
  • Sliding closet door off track
  • TV had no signal
  • Waste disposal jammed
  • Computer got a virus

What People Say

Words from my clients

  • "We should put you on retainer."

    Esther Bragar, 26 Danbury Ct.
  • "You saved me over $100!"

    Ginnie Samaras, 50 Holbrook Ct.
  • "Found the problem fast, fixed it fast."

    John McLaughlin, 22 Concord Ct.